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The GhoulfriendsEdit

Frankie SteinEdit

At the age of 15 days old, Frankie Stein is new to Monster High. She is the daughter of Dr. Frankeinstein's monster and his bride. Her pet is a puppy named Watzit.
Frankie is very friendly and athletic, but has a clumsy streak, as her body parts tend to fly off.


Draculaura is the daughter of Count Dracula, but she's a vegan vampire and does not drink blood. She is 1,600 years old. Her pet is a bat named Count Fabulous.
Draculaura is friendly and very sweet, and develops crushes easily. She loves fashion and is a big fan of pink and black. She can walk in the sun using a parasol, but cannot turn into a bat.

Clawdeen WolfEdit

Clawdeen is the daughter of the Werewolf (also known as the Wolf Man). She is 15 years old, and is covered with fur, with two piercings in each of her wolf ears. She has a purple pet cat namedCrescent.
She is confident, outgoing, friendly and fashionable. Her favorite colour is gold. She has a large family, including Clawd Wolf and Howleen Wolf

Lagoona BlueEdit

Lagoona Blue is the daughter of the Sea Monster, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon. She carries her pet piranha Neptuna in a fishbowl (like a purse).
She loves animals and water, and is laid-back.

Cleo de Nile Edit

Cleo de Nile is the daughter of the Mummy. She has a pet snake named Hissette that is somewhat poisonous.
She is the fearleading squad captain and is considered to be a mean girl, though she does have a huge heart of gold (she is exceptionally kind to her ghoulfriends).

Ghoulia YelpsEdit

Ghoulia is the daughter of a zombie couple. She is the smartest girl at Monster High, although she only speaks "zombie" -- moans and groans. She has a pet owl named Sir Hoots A Lot.
She is shy and bookish, but quite thoughtful.

Monster High StudentsEdit


A girl who goes on a date with Holt Hyde. [1] Her father (the Phantom of the Opera) teaches a keyboard class at Monster High.[2]
She is mentioned in Holt Hyde's Diary and in the 'School's Out' diaries. Her first webisode appearance was in "Hiss-teria", and she now has a profile on the Monster High website. She is shown to be a bit of a diva, but that's just her independent spirit. Her father moved to New Orleans when she was young, where she picked up the local "twang" and a love for country music.

Spectra VondergeistEdit

Spectra is the daughter of the Ghosts. She writes an anonymous gossip blog and an advice column for the Monster High student newspaper, and as such is a bit of a rumor-monger. As a ghost herself, she can float and pass through walls.

Abbey BominableEdit

Abbey Bominable is the daughter of the Yeti (better known as the Abominable Snowman). She is an exchange student from "up north" and her native language is Yetish. She sometimes has trouble understanding English slang.

Deuce GorgonEdit

Deuce is the son of the gorgon, Medusa. He likes to skateboard and is interested in cooking. He wears sunglasses to prevent his turning other people to stone temporarily. One of his friends is a human, Jackson Jekyll, whose alter ego is DJ Holt Hyde.
His girlfriend is Cleo de Nile.

Holt HydeEdit

Holt Hyde is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hyde. He is a DJ and has a pet chameleon, Crossfade. He is in the book just with the name "DJ Hyde". DJ has a major crush on Frankie Stein and calls her "Firecracker" because she sparks him.
His alter ego is Jackson Jekyll. Holt was first introduced in the second wave of dolls and appeared for the first time in "Hyde and Shriek".

Jackson JekyllEdit

Jackson Jekyll is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Jekyll. He is a new kid at school, and believes he is a "normie" (no apparent monster influence), because he is unaware of his dual nature. In the books he has a crush on a girl named Melody Carver; he later finds out who he truly is.
He was first introduced in the Gloom Beach doll set and appeared as a student on the Monster High site in May, and his bio was added to the site in July. His first webisode appearance was in "Fear Pressure". His alter ego is Holt Hyde.

Gillington "Gil" WebberEdit

Gillington "Gil" Webber is the son of the River Monster. He wears a helmet containing water on his head when he is on dry land.
Gil was first seen in the webisode Blue Lagoona as the object of Lagoona Blue's crush. He is also friends with Slow-Moe and even acts as his wing-man in dealing with Ghoulia. He is shown to be a pretty decent guy.

Heath BurnsEdit

An arrogant boy whose head catches on fire when he becomes excited or crushes on someone.
He is the cousin of Jackson Jekyll/Holt Hyde.
He is a showoff with a proclivity for bragging. His hotshot attitude is rather off-putting to the others, and usually ends up looking foolish because of it.

Moe "Slow-Moe" DeadovitchEdit

The object of Ghoulia Yelps's crush.
He is also a zombie, and he wears a letterman jacket. He is one member of the school Basketball and Chess teams. Moe has shown to be fairly stoic and good natured. His first appearance was in the webisode Cyrano de Ghoulia. He hates Heath playing guitar, and destroys them once he starts.

Clawd WolfEdit

One of Clawdeen's older brothers. Pretty down to earth and straight to the point. He is on the football and casketball teams at Monster High. He dated Cleo de Nile before she went out with Deuce.[3]
He was first introduced in the webisode Fur Will Fly. Draculaura develops a huge crush on him in the webisode Beast Friends.

Toralei StripeEdit

Toralei Stripe is an orange cat-girl who appears in Season Two of the Webisodes. Her bio was added to the Monster High website in July 2011.
She and her friends, the cat-girl twins, quit the fearleading squad in the webisode "Scream Building", leaving Cleo in the lurch. They later continue to sabotage and gossip about the ghoulfriends, though their plans usually backfire.

Purrsephone and MeowlodyEdit

250281 1895740867745 1068281181 31932692 2760846 n.jpg
The twins are on the fearleading squad with Cleo and Toralei, but they quit when the entire team walks out in the webisode "Scream Building".
In season two of the webisodes they pal around with Toralei, causing mayhem, but don't speak themselves. In the 'School's Out' diaries, their names are revealed to be Purrsephone and Meowlody, but it's only since the characters got their own profile that it is known which twin carried which name.

Howleen WolfEdit

Clawdeen and Clawd Wolf's younger sister. She and Clawdeen share a room, and the two do not appear to get on very well at all[4][5]. At school, her locker is next to Abbey Bominable's and she is said to have been bullied by Manny Taur[6].
She was first mentioned in Clawdeen Wolf's Diary and debuted fully in "Fright On!", the 2011 Halloween Television Special.
In the books her normie name is Leena and she is shown to be an extreme troublemaker, as she is in boot camp throughout the whole series.

The Perfect GuyEdit

A character whose face is never seen. He wears a letterman's jacket.
He first appears in "Horrorscope" as the object of Draculaura's crush.

Facebook studentEdit

The Monster High Facebook account is hosted by a mysterious student of Monster High, strongly suggested to be a girl. Very little is known about her, but she is good friends with most of the other students. It is also known that the Facebook student's parents for the longest time didn't allow her to have a pet. When on October 6, 2010, she finally was allowed to have one, she let the Facebook visitors decide and ended up with a pink male mini-dragon.


HooDude is the fake boyfriend created by Frankie Stein in the webisode "HooDoo You Like?".
He is made from spare parts and looks like a rag doll.
At the end of the episode, he becomes alive possibly due to the lightning when Frankie made him.

Manny TaurEdit

A minotaur character who first appears in Miss Infearmation. He has a sister named Minnie.
He also made an appearance in Abbey Bominable's Diary.
He was previously seen as in the background of some webisodes.

Daughter of ArachneEdit

Daughter of Arachne.jpg
The unnamed Daughter of Arachne was one of three in the vote to which doll will be made in 2012. A prototype of her doll was previewed at San Diego Comic Con.
Since Scarah Screams won the vote, it is unclear if Daughter of Arachne and Headless Headmistress Bloodgood will still be made into dolls or not.

C.A. CupidEdit

C.A. Cupid is the daughter of Eros/Cupid. She first appeared as part of the Sweet 1600 line.

Don of the DeadEdit

Dodgeskull - Moe and Don sad.jpg
Don is a zombie boy who started out as a Backgrounder. He appeared in "The Bermuda Love Triangle" as a rival for Ghoulia's affections.

Background charactersEdit

The students who appear in the backgrounds, classrooms and hallways of Monster High are as dear to fans as the main characters. Learn more about them here and here.


Teala is a troll character who lived under a bridge. She has only been mentioned in Toralei's diary, in which she is telling the werecat about how her boyfriend has treated her.

Bram DeveinEdit

Bram Devien.png
Bram is a vampire who previously went to Belfry Prep, but now goes to Monster High. He was introduced in "Fright On!". He is dating Gory Fangtell.


Fright On! - Dougey.jpg
Dougey is a werewolf who previously went to Crescent Moon High, but now goes to Monster High. He's the werewolves' tough guy, acting as a secondary leader and enforcer to other dominant wolves that use their brains more than their brawn, such as Romulus and Howleen Wolf.

Gory FangtellEdit

Gory is a vampire leader figure and was originally student at Belfry Prep, but transfered with Belfry Prep's student body to Monster High. She was introduced in "Fright On!". She is dating Bram Devein.


Romulus is an alpha werewolf who previously went to Crescent Moon High, but now goes to Monster High. He was introduced in "Fright On!" as Clawd's childhood friend.

Former Students of Monster HighEdit

Nefera de NileEdit

Nefera is Cleo de Nile's older sister. According to Cleo de Nile's School's Out Diary, she has always been extremely hard on Cleo.
She was the captain of the Fearleading squad during her time at Monster High.
Her first appearance in the webisodes is in "Hyde and Shriek". Her bio was added to the Monster High website in July 2011

Monster High Teachers and StaffEdit

Headless Headmistress BloodgoodEdit

Picture 394.png
The Headless Headmistress is head of Monster High, and in charge of discipline. She takes after her name, and is able to remove her head from her body.
She rides a horse named Nightmare and carries a riding crop. Her character is inspired by the Headless Horseman from the classic story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". Teacher of Trigular Calcometry 101. Abbey Bominble and Shiver stay with her when Abbey starts attending Monster High.

Mr. HackingtonEdit

Picture 396.png
The Monster High Science teacher seems to be a classic British torturer/executioner, with his accent, butcher's apron, leather mask and cabinet of weapons. He tries to make the students dissect three-eyed frogs, though Lagoona intervenes and frees them.[7] He also serves lunch (first season only).
He has a mother (who looks like him, but with a old lady bun), who broke her back in "Freakout Friday", and a lab assistant in "Hatch Me If You Can".
  • Skinner College - B.S., Chemistry
  • Lancet and Czechit School of Science - M.S., Taxidermy
"A dull mind cannot cut the cheese of knowledge."

Mr. WhereEdit

Picture 397.png
Mr. Where wears bandages, gloves, and a hat (Shown to use both a beret and a fedora) to make himself visible, and he tops off the ensemble with glasses and a scarf. And he can pop up anywhere. He also has the ability to extend his invisibility power to cloak his clothing as well.
Unlike the original character, Dr. Griffin from the H.G. Wells novel, he is quite sane and benevolent. He is shown to be very polite and an intellectual. His limited scenes of student interaction imply he is held in high esteem by the students, and he likes them as well.

Coach IgorEdit

Picture 398.png
A classic hunch-backed lab assistant who teaches gym class. He has one peg leg. When he takes over Study Howl, he makes the students run laps. You can never rest with a coach like this!
Seen in the webisode "Photo Finish" and on the Monster High website.

Mr. Lou ZarrEdit

Picture 409.png
Lou Zarr serves as a substitute teacher when one of the regular staff are unavailable, as seen in the webisode Substitute Creature, in the television special New Ghoul @ School. He appears to be the only regular human in the show. He is a stiff, humorless, uncompromising hardnose about education. His lessons are shown to be so boring they tend to put students, and even himself, to sleep.
Needless to say, his name is an obvious play on the word "Loser", and he's the first normie in Monster High.

Mr. MummyEdit

Mr. Mummy (Math).jpg
Mr. Mummy is a math teacher at Monster High. His Favorite Quote is: "Knowledge is the cure for every curse."
  • King Tut Teachers College - B.A., Architecture
  • Alexandria Institute of Technology M.S., Euclidean Geometry
Seen on the Monster High website.

Ms. KindergrubberEdit

Ms. Kindergrubber (Home Ick).jpg
Ms. Kindergrubber is Monster High's Home Ick teacher and based on the witch from "Hansel and Gretal"
  • Grimm Brothers Culinary Institute - A.A., Bakery Science
  • H.C. Anderson School of Building Confections - B.S., Candy Construction
"You're nothing but skin and bones."
Seen on the Monster High website. Her class is briefly mentioned in "Fear Squad".

Mr. D'eathEdit

Mr. D'eath (Guidance Counselor).jpg
Mr. G. Reaper.png
The Guidance Counselor. Seen in the Monster High Electronic Fearbook.
A similar guidance counselor was seen in the webisode "Back-to-Ghoul", although he was named Mr. G. Reaper as opposed to Mr. D'eath.

Mr. VerizheEdit

Mr. Verizhe (P.E.).jpg
Verizhe is an invisible man seen in the Monster High Electronic Fearbook. His name is a homophonic play on "Where is he?".

Lunch LadyEdit

Seen in "HooDoo You Like?", "Fear Pressure", "Frost Friends" and "Fright On!".

Mr. RotterEdit

Teacher of dead languages. Seen in the webisodes "Idol Threat", "Fear the Book", "Back-to-Ghoul", "Desperate Hours", "Fright On!" and "Super Fan".
He doesn't tolerate pranks, and will count them for acts worthy of expulsion 

Irene MaidenEdit

One of the first teachers of Monster High, who got herself somehow stuck in a Greek statue without anyone knowing. She remained locked up for 2000 years, until Frankie Stein and Cleo de Nile accidentally freed her by breking the statue in "Totally Busted". It is unknown if she resumed her job as a teacher.

Music teacherEdit

Gloomsday - music teacher.jpg
Thus far unnamed, a skeleton or otherwise ghoulesque creature with a German accent giving music lessons was featured in the webisode "Gloomsday".


Fright On! - Crabgrass full body.jpg
Seen in the special webisode "Fright On!", Crabgrass seemingly has an administrative job at Monster High.

Lagoona's teacherEdit

A teacher of whom only the voice is known, he was heard in the webisode "Parent-Creature Conference". Lagoona Blue is his best student, so much so that he personally wished to tell her parents. Since Lagoona's favorite subject at school is oceanography and no other teacher is confirmed to handle those lessons, it is possible he is the oceanography teacher.

Phantom of the OperaEdit

As said in Holt Hyde's DiaryOperetta's Diary, and the game Ghoul Spirit, the Phantom of the Opera teaches a keyboard class.

Siren teacherEdit

Mentioned only in Holt Hyde's Diary, there's a siren at Monster High who gives voice lessons.


Each Monster High character comes with its own cool pet, which have personalities and opinions all their own.
Check out the Pets page to see their profiles and pictures of each pet.

Dead Fast charactersEdit

Dead FastEdit

DFcomic - Dead Fast runs.jpg
Dead Fast is Ghoulia Yelps's favorite comic book hero and the protagonist of his own comic book series. He is a zombie who gained the power of superspeed after being bitten by a radioactive hummingbird.
He appeared as part of a Ghoulia-centered plotline for Comic-Con 2011.

Dr. IgorableEdit

DFcomic - Igorable with bazooka.jpg
Dr. Igorable is a human former employer and current enemy of the comic book hero Dead Fast. Igorable hates naughty and icky stuff, which he considers zombies to be, and wishes to rid the world of them. He doesn't like it when Dead Fast misuses his name by calling him "Dr. Deplorable".

Shadow PoacherEdit

He is a villain who tried to steal a precious comic, but Ghoulia Yelps was able to stop him in her dream.

Book-exclusive charactersEdit

Melody CarverEdit

Melody is percieved as being a normie. She once had a large nose, which her plastic surgeon father fixed for her, both for cosmetic reasons and to help her breathe better. The family also moved to Salem, Oregon to help with her asthma, and Melody has to start at a new school, Merston High. According to Cleo's servant Manu, she is the daughter of the Siren Marina, who it is later discovered, gave her up for adoption.

Candace CarverEdit

Candace is Melody's confident older sister. Though her constant optimism irritates Melody, her advice is, more often than not, extremely useful.
A huge flirt herself, Candace rarely keeps a relationship and looks at dating as more of a game than anything. She is one Billy Phaidin's best friends and gave him the idea of visibility. They started the NUDI (Normies Uncool withDiscriminating Idiots) group to promote RADs.

Billy PhaidinEdit

Billy is the invisible RAD introduced in the first book. He took a shine to Frankie and became one of her best friends, agreeing with her about RAD-Normie equality. It wasn't long before he develiped a crush on Frankie and it wasn't long before they decided to just be friends.
Billy is sarcastic, laid-back and loves to pull pranks. He strongly supports equality, and was a founding member of NUDI.

Bekka MaddenEdit

Bekka is the main antagonist on the Monster High book series. Though she seems innocent and friendly at first, but she backstabbed Melody when she found out that Jackson was a RAD. She is very discriminating against RADs, shooting out propaganda whenever she can. This hate mostly stems from the fact that Brett, her ex-boyfriend, chose Frankie Stein over her. By the third book, Melody used her newfound RAD powers to force out all her friend's true feelings. Bekka is left humiliated and friendless, increasing her hatred greatly. Between the second and thrid books she leader of the group HUNT (Humans Unite No Tolerance).

Brett ReddingEdit

Brett started out as Bekka's boyfriend, but soon ended up with Frankie Stein, passing out into a coma when he saw her head fall off. He is a huge RAD supporter, and came up with the idea of a video where the monsters all poured out their feelings, but their faces would be blurred. The video was sabotauged and though he was originally accused, he cleared his name and got back together with Frankie.


Haylee is introduced as Bekka's best friend , though seems to be more of a servant to the girl. She was tricked Haylee into signing a contract promissing her friendship and loyalty to Bekka forever. This has completely backfires. She is mainly seen following Bekka typing her life into her phone for a phone novel titled : "Bek, and Better than ever!" In book three, Melody convinces Haylee to de-friend Bekka.


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